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The Secrets Discography
For an in-depth look at each album with sleeve notes written by longtime Secrets associate Alex Campbell, follow the links below...

Other Times Other Times
The band's 1996 debut collection features live favorites 'The Hole In The Wall', 'Just For Me', 'One More Time' and many more. For more HERE
The Secrets The Secrets
The eponymous second album released in 1997 featuring instant pop classics 'I'll Help You', 'Let It Go', 'A Strange Place' and 'It Could Be You'... click HERE
Violent Faces Violent Faces
The last of the trilogy, the 1999 collection Violent Faces represents a punchy new aggresive side of the band whilst still maintaining memorable melodies with numbers such as 'Depart' and 'Lies & Unconsciousness'... click HERE
Demo Tapes Demos
The complete 'discography' of Secrets HERE
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