The Secrets
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dotcon Date:
1994 The Secrets their first gigs and record their first demos...more
1995 First London live dates. First TV appearance. Chiltern Radio's Young Pop Act '95...more
1996 Other Times released. Plus management, Menswear and mayhem...more
1997 The Rainbow Festival, The Secrets album and a new band member...more
1998 'Secretservice Online' as The Secrets hit the worldwide web...Simon falls down...more
1999 Violent Faces album released, those boiler suits and...more
2000 Online hits and Depart scores the band a radio commercial...more
2001 The Secrets: Dotcon...the new website goes live...
In the press Read how The Secrets have fared at the hands of the hacks over the years...more

The Secrets official biography written by Alex Campbell.

With thanks to all contributing: Simon, Gav, Rich and Neil; Peter Curtis, Tim Bowdler, Alex Farrow, Shona Richardson, Richard Poth, Holly Hernandez, Victoria Laurence, Laura Watson, Jenny Hancock and Keith Jefferies.

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