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Neil Robinson - bass guitar
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28 February 1977 | Birthplace: Basingstoke, Berkshire | Star Sign: Pisces | Eyes: Brown | Hair: Brown | Qualifications: BA (Hons) Performing Arts | Interests: football


Fender jazz bass| Peavy 180W amplifier | Ibanez LA Metal distortion pedal


Musicians: Stereophonics

Music: "I Saw Her Standing There: (The Beatles), "Back For Good" (Take That)

Own Music: "Glove Puppets", "Let It Go"

Films: The Untouchables, Twenty Four Seven

Actors & Actresses: ...anybody unknown because I can believe them more


Politics: Should be banned & sex put in it's place (...who cares what party you belong to as long as that party wants to do good)

Fashion: Consider myself as a follower as well as a rebel

Art: first impressions you may not be able to interpret properly

Music: Do not judge others lest you may be judged yourself!!

Technology: Someone explain it all to me please

Family: Some you love, some you hate but they're still family

Education: Get as much while you can

Religion: I wish I was more religious

Children: One day.........

Women: Where do I start & when do I stop? The whole mating & dating game is all supposed to end up in marriage & seeing as marriage is supposed to be for the rest of your life, I'm not prepared to settle for anything less than ultimate soulmate.


Wrote and performed with Richard in WhatRhymesWithCharlieBrown?


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