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Simon Herriott - lead vocals, guitars, keyboards
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D.O.B: 2 August 1971 | Birthplace: Pinner, Middlesex | Star Sign: Leo | Eyes: Blue | Hair: Brown


Fender IV

Guitars - Customised Fender Jazzmaster, Fender Bass VI, Fender Telecaster, Epiphone Les Paul "Gold Top", Customised Hohner JT60, Ovation 12-string acoustic, Yamaha 6-string acoustic, Hohner Bass, Hohner Sindwinder

Effects - Boss Overdrive x 2, Flanger, Dimension C, Phaser, Digital Delay, Korg "box of tricks", RAT Pro-Co, Guyotone Vintage Tremelo, Dunlop Wah-Wah

Recording - Tascam 8-track studio, Alesis Microverb III, Alesis SR-16 drum machine

Keyboard - Korg XD5

Amplifier - Peavey Bandit 112


Musicians: Crowded House, Blur, Metallica, The Beatles, The Who, The Wonder Stuff, The Cure

Films: Quadrophenia, Star Wars, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Books: "A Cruel Madness" (Colin Thubron), "Charlotte Sometimes" (Penelope Farmer)

People: Neil Finn, Jack Nicholson, Miles Hunt, James Hetfield, Barry Manilow

Drink: Bitter, Guinness, Coffee

Food: Curry, Pizza, Chinese


My catchphrase: "It doesn't have any effect on me."


Since Summer 2000, Simon has recorded an entire album's worth of solo material and has been playing several gigs both alone and with occasional acoustic outfit The Fake McCoys with Pete Curtis.

Now writing further material for a new project with Gavin, Colvex.


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